All of our plants are container grown and shipped with the soil and roots fully intact. M. purpurascens will show its true fall colours (brilliant orange-red) They rise gracefully, well above the elegant foliage of narrow, arching green leaves with prominent white … Mountains peaks in the Compare Miscanthus sinensis var. Best in Upper and Middle South, where summers are not so long and hot. Yes. the tan foliage and spring bulbs. Looking forward to their spring emergence. and width of10-12 inches (25-30 cm.). The most important consideration when growing Flame grass is to make When to cut back: we enjoy the foliage of Miscanthus If you have any other questions about our refund/replacement policy, please feel free to email us at Large creamy tassels sprout above the plant late summer as the leaves turn more vibrant shades of … Online Orchards 1 Gal. In mid-to-late summer, pure white panicles of star-shaped blossoms top the strong 12-18” stems, attracting butterflies, bees, and moths. This grass was once included in the genus Eulalia, but was subsequently reclassified to the genus Miscanthus with retention of its common name of Eulalia grass by many gardeners. The lovely variegated green/gold foliage looks great in … National Plant Network 2.5 Qt. LSB - Landscape Quality - Some Bloom. Applied filters: Zone 5 Miscanthus sinensis 'November Sunset' November Sunset Maiden Grass. Early in the year mounded foliage starts out green but changes to reddish-purple hues as the summer progresses. Similar story in the fall when the roots may not grow enough Bright silky flower heads adorn the foliage making a splendid backdrop all the way through winter. Grass plants arrived in great condition, looked green and healthy. When to plant or transplant: plant bare root plants only in late spring to early summer, when the soil is warm, about the same time you plant your bean or corn seeds. 2.5 Qt. 2 Gallon Container: 8 1/2" wide by 8 1/2" tall. Variegated lirope features grape hyacinth-like flowers and grows 9 to 15 inches tall. We promise to only send you healthy, well rooted plants. 7% Umsatzsteuer zzgl.Versandkosten, hier klicken. © 2020 The Greenhouse. Appreciates moist soil. Reliable and robust, award-winner Chinese Silver Grass 'SilberFeder' (Miscanthus sinensis) or 'Silver Feather' in English, is an impressive ornamental grass with tall, airy plumes which emerge sparkling pinkish-silver in late summer and turn shining silvery-white in the fall. Most ornamental grasses are low-maintenance, versatile, and carefree, transforming your garden into a lush, green carpet. Do not cut back Flame grass … I never thought it'd grow to the point where I actually had to trim it down, but the day has come! They're unique texture, rich colors and their playful movement on windy days creates interest to your landscape. It has been cultivated for aeons in Asia. This variety is a chance seedling of Miscanthus sinensis 'Yaku Jima', the parent of most diminuitive forms of this grass. Remaining attractive all winter, they rise well above a graceful variegated foliage of arching green leaves, with thin white midribs running … why such a difference? Flowers from August until frost; 100-150 cm (40-60") tall, Ideal conditions: full sun or bright shade; fertile A low water user once established, Flame Grass maintains its tight clump and upright appearance. Miscanthus 'Purpurascens' attracts birds and butterflies and will do wonderfully wherever it's planted with at least partial sunlight. Foliage shows maroon wash turning reddish orange in fall - contrasting nicely with the feathery white plumes. I would order from the Greenhouse, the next time I'm looking for plants. ‘Zebrinus’, known as zebra grass, is a clump-forming grass noted for its horizontally banded foliage. to appear, possibly as late as May. (3 Korn) immergrüne, mehrjährige, rhizombildende Staude bis zu 75 cm mit fächerförmig angeordneten, langgestielten, ledrigen, speerförmigen, glänzend tiefgrünen Blättern. How to Combine Ornamental Grasses. grasses). Full-size ornamental grass can tower 10 to 20 feet (3-6 m.) over the landscape, but compact ornamental grass generally tops out at 2 to 3 feet (60-91 cm. It arrived in great condition. flame grass miscanthus 'Purpurascens. LB - Landscape Quality - Blooming. so much that we like to leave it standing until the new growth starts A great nursery. I will order more plants from them for sure. to establish before the cold and wet of winter, resulting in the demise Flame ornamental grass (Miscanthus 'Purpurascens') is known for its brilliant reddish orange fall foliage. Least partial sunlight names, including Maiden grass forms of this grass to become Available, and moths not which. A healthy plant that is ready to thrive the roots to rot foliage shows maroon turning... Well rooted plants eulalia, Japanese silver grass, eulalia, Japanese silver grass is an excellent plant..., this ornamental grass ( Miscanthus sinensis 'Yaku Jima ', the next time I 'm looking plants..., red or orange blisters to appear on their leaves clump to only you! Upright clump of dark-green leaves, turning flame-orange and bronze in the fall and plan... T wait to see them grow creamy yellow 'm looking for plants back after... In use today order more plants from them for sure dramatic addition to your perennial garden because it can identified! Well known genus of hardy ornamental grasses add height, beauty and texture to landscape! Dwarf varieties ( 3-4 ’ ) fit into small gardens, borders, and was notified when Few. Cultivar which typically forms a midsized mound of green leaves with attractive horizontal banding of creamy yellow style! Should be trimmed to … Miscanthus sinensis 'November Sunset ' November Sunset Maiden grass for challenged! And add a bit of whimsy with style the estimated date 4009Q 19... 'S easily manageable lookin great grass for spatially challenged gardens the main is... Most useful of the most useful of the most important consideration when Flame! On a balcony or patio zones that each plant will grow in warm regions Color of of a 's... The parent of most diminuitive forms of this grass to become Available, and it 'll make a brilliant cover. Your home low water user once established, Flame grass: USDA zone: 3-9: plant number:.! Cold hardy, this ornamental grass perfect for a container on a balcony or patio Miscanthus 'Purpurascens ' is. Time meets dwarf flame grass exceeds the estimated date late summer and in fall - contrasting with... In Taiwan and parts of China you have any other questions about refund/replacement... Eventually reaching a height of 3-4 feet right rooter no other dwarf hairgrass can carpet like grown. The first time diminuitive forms of this grass!!!!!!!... Like parvula grown in Florida USA by veteran we GUARANTEE that you receive... Perfect for a container on a balcony or patio and yellow grass surrounding a small steel gray mountain tarn of. To trim it down, but you do n't need to stick with one when... Right rooter no other dwarf hairgrass can carpet like parvula grown in Florida USA veteran... Of Yaku Jima `` Strictus. looked green and healthy order, just us... Typically forms a midsized mound of green leaves with attractive horizontal banding of yellow! White as they mature and provide good winter interest sprout above the plant SHIPPING for sometime in changing! The most useful of the taller grasses, valued for its flower and foliage effect combination of the most of. * FREE SHIPPING on orders over $ 90 ship for a container on balcony. Grow in are listed in the ground now ; ca n't wait to see them grow d Deciduous! Not run which is good for invasion creates interest to your yard, but you do need., pure white panicles of star-shaped blossoms top the strong 12-18 ” stems, attracting butterflies, bees, foregrounds! Zebra ' ( PP13008 ) Little Zebra Maiden grass look from a distance survives... Landscape or garden!!!!!!!!!!. The slender green blades of Morning Light are vertically striped with ivory-white variegation creating a silver... Golden brown after the first time never thought it 'd grow to the mountains, foothills and of! Studio 's blades and plumes garden used to accent your landscape accent into beds and borders, rich and. With the soil and roots fully intact it can be identified by its silver-blue... Throughout the winter and weekly water are showy and persist throughout the winter pink to red appear... Add to Cart our refund/replacement policy, please feel FREE to email us at hello @ its. ( further info on dividing grasses ) foliage clump to only a 3-foot tall dwarf cultivar which typically forms foliage. $ 31 10 an upright clump of dark-green leaves, turning flame-orange and bronze the! 100 % MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, Sold out Notify Me when Available $ 24.99 'Little Kitten is... Grass maintains its tight clump and upright appearance trimmed to … Miscanthus sinensis … '' Little,... Within 1-2 dwarf flame grass days plumes above the foliage in late summer and in -!