When riding in this area during the Summer ===== When there is very hot dry weather across the Province, please only ride with a spark arrestor and very due care watching for sparks igniting grass and brush. I parked at the first pullout on the right (before the Dewdrop Trail parking area) and crossed the flats, then angled up the hill. North of Kamloops, British Columbia, exists a maze of scenic gravel roads that pass through beautiful grasslands, mossy forests, deep canyons, and jaw-dropping landscapes that could be straight out of a Western film. Oct 27, 2018 at 16:17. Kamloops is long renowned as a mountain biking paradise with its rugged landscape, rolling hills, and diverse bike trail systems. For many years Kamloops' hills and riders have been featured in the adrenaline and gravity rushing films such as "Pulp Traction" and "Cranked". Visit one of our three locations in BC today or shop with us online. Lots of road parking off Robbins Range road. I hiked up the hillside to the south of Frederick Road and explored the cliffs, basalt columns, gullies, and viewpoints overlooking Battle Bluff and Kamloops Lake. At DISTRICT BICYCLE CO. in Kamloops we care about your overall biking experience, and we carry everything you need to perform to the best of your ability. Kamloops has a worldwide reputation in the sport of mountain biking. Current Situation ===== See the Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Club website for further information.. Pine View ride with Mike Madill. Spoke N’ Motion Spoke Bike & Ski: Your Sport – Your Experts Since 1987 Spoke Bike & Ski is the store “Known by riders, Owned by riders!” Located in Kamloops for over 32 years, we specialize in bike and ski sales, services, maintenance, accessories, and repairs. Bike babies are spawning in Kamloops, hatched by the pandemic. We believe that starts with the bike itself – whether you’re looking for a road bike or a mountain bike, we have the bike for you. BC Dirt Bike Trails - older Mapbox Coloured trails are ORM steward maintained, Gray trails are unclassified RSTBC trails - make sure you can ride there Green = Easiest, Blue = More Difficult, Black = Most Difficult, Red = Extremely Difficult Steep initially but quite rewarding at the top. I was there is June and the wild flowers were beautiful. Trail up is actually a Rough road. Riders of all levels can choose from cross-country trails to technical downhill, with the option to ride year-round. Located in Kamloops BC. Oct 27, 2018. Our unique climate and terrain and the variety of riding that can be found have already attracted riders from all over the globe. Cycle Logic is your source for high quality cycling and ski products and services. Some people drive up in 4wd but it makes a nice 4.6 km return hike. ... Mint Vintage Fiori Corsa Road Bike 56cm Road Bikes 500 CAD; 3 Forum subscriptions. Nice view from the lookout as far as SunPeaks. From forgotten homesteads in the Arrowstone Hills to a once booming gold operation along the Tranquille River, the historical relevance of this […]