Another option would be to use boxing as my warmup before each P90X workout. They might hit both workouts the next day, but then the excuses come…”Its been a crazy day and I seriously dont have time to workout, and I did doubles yesterday anyways so I’m good”. P90X3 Block 2 includes Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower workouts where every move is 4 counts as opposed to a normal 2 count. Thanks so much for your info. Congrats on losing the 50 pounds the first time, I guess you’ve since found out that remaining fit and managing weight is not a short term activity–what you start you have to keep up pretty much forever. P90X3 Schedules. 3) Core area is really faty. Thanks, sorry- I meant I was on my 5th round of P90x3 now.  However, I am delighted with the aesthetic and functional results of doing multiples, as well as the mental toughening. I would keep plyo, yoga, and kenpo x in the blocks. I heard that Tony and BB is coming out with a P90X4…true? X3 is a great program for athletes since it is great functional fitness. It’s very difficult to provide any specific guidance to you without knowing your age, height, and current weight, and I am not familiar with all the foods you mentioned (nor do I have an easy way to convert them to calories). Read on for my honest P90X3 review plus real results with before and after photos! Hope that helps. John, If you are looking to grow more muscle then you will get better results with P90X than X3. John, Morning – after jog or yoga – Nuts soaked overnight, 2 egg whites, 300ml finger millets malt and peanut ball| at Lunch quinoa with one veggie, lentils, and yogurt| evening before a workout – 1 banana and peanut ball then do p90x3 mass schedule – after workout 300ml of whey isolate later 200 grams of kidney beans boiled and dinner is either dosa, idli (hopefully you know those dishes). Hi john, Read my post about using workout sheets and hopefully this will help: But if all you have is the bands, then “all you can do is all you can do.” Make sure you are pulling from a top door hinge using the hinge attachment loop, and angle your back so that you are pulling in line with your spine. You might suggest something else to add to these would be really helpful. It wont be appropriate for all of you, and eberyone interested should complete 90 days of P90X3 first. I would like to continue doing my 3 day per week heavy bag workout which is only 30 minutes(10-3 minute rounds). To account for the additional “time under tension” I counted my reps and then multiplied by 2 to hopefully result in a meaningful comparison to the P90X Block 2 workouts. Another thing is I would be moving to the USA for my graduation in January 2021 where I would not have time to do a lot of exercises, so I have got the doubt of doing the P90X classic or P90x3 MASS schedule for these 3 months where I have time, On the above things please suggest me in terms of my goals about the workout and also the diet changes as following the nutrition provided would be too costly here and also many I cant include. I only weigh about 113 fully clothed but I am just skinny fat. This 90-day program is comprised of 3 blocks of time. I’m doing the calorie deficient diet (1500 wiit hour adding in what I’ve burned). I appreciate your time and insight. Most X3 routines are either upper body, lower body or total body so there are very few direct drop ins. Is this will be allright? But like any other clown I added some of the weight right back on! I want to do another round but want to change it up a little. Is the email address you entered here still active? Excellent informative site. Hammer and Chisel / Insanity Max:30 Hybrid,, 80 Day Obsession Resistance Loops Comparison (Bands), Master's Hammer and Chisel - Insanity Max:30 Hybrid, Plum and Blue Cheese Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, 80 Day Obsession Resistance Loops Comparison, What is the Hardest Beachbody Program? I sent you a personal email with a followup question, feel free to reply with more info on your specific personal situation . I’m about like you at 5’8″ and 157-160. Thanks! Thank you so much for quick reply and your help. ... P90X3 has received raved reviews and results from test group users . Doubles is for those who want extra cardiovascular exercise on top of the standard Classic P90X workout schedule, either for performance of for weight loss.The P90X Doubles calendar involves doing a cardio workout either 3 or 4 times per week on top of your regular P90X workouts. My recommendation is to stick to the schedule as designed and not add any extra workouts, you will get the right amount of arms and shoulders work especially in month 2. Look like 50 again? It is a good option, but only works if you eat at a calorie surplus. Really Helpful! I have 2 different bars and I will send you pictures of mine to give you some idea what’s possible. But i don’t want 1 program 1 hour like P90X. I dropped 4 belt sizes; I actually fit properly into clothes I thought I fit into before. I was stronger, more flexible. I am not looking to bulk up either, but to increase muscle tone and lose inches..possibly the last few pounds that absolutely are sticking to me like glue should I be lifting heavy in the 8-10 range and not the 12-15? That also lets the chest and back muscles recover rather than hammering them with The Challenge every other day. I am now running 4-6 miles 3-5 times a week as well. Pack are my is second goal. Let me go through X3. Yes the Mass schedule can be very effective for gaining but only if you eat appropriately. Results vary depending on starting point and effort. It could be like “Insanity Upper Body Weight Training” And i’m not talking about everyday of course. This is very helpful…I definitely am not using the right weights in any of my workouts. The 21 DF containers just take the place of Tony’s palm, hand and thumb. This will include 2 P90X3 workouts a day! Is that supposed to be a long term sustainable diet? Unfortunatley I said I deserved a break and now 5 years later I’m starting over. It’s in a cardio slot, so if you want to stick with X3 then any of these would be good subs if they are not already scheduled in the week: Accelerator, Warrior, MMX, Decelerator, or Agility X. Doing the same workouts 6 months in a row had become a little monotonous. The descriptions can all be found in the program guides too. In fact all Beachbody On Demand Shakeology customers get the container plan for free to use while following any Beachbody program including P90X3. Hi John. Man, thanks a lot you’re being really helpful! I felt great. I’ve shrunk in fat and gained arm size, upper abs are starting to show as well. I dont even want to get in a bathing suit this year but with 5 little kids I am not going to have a choice!! Time constraints are leading me to X3. The program is 13 weeks total. If you want a longer workout, you could always do doubles. I’m not a big fan of “doubles” since I get all the work I need in one workout a day, and if you go all out during that one workout you shouldn’t need a second workout to achieve better results. Wish I could do P90X cause it seems better than X3 but I’m getting old I think as I say in this post that P90X will give you more work and will provide better results in terms of muscle growth because every phase focuses on hypertrophy or muscle growth. You may have already heard that this fitness program is just 30 minutes from start to finish. I completed p90x3 a Month ago. P90X in the morning and the MMA session 3 evenings per week. I will tell you the one I am currently eating. My question is regarding the pull-ups. As far as fat loss, either program will work fine as long as you account for the reduced calorie burn in P90X3 by eating less. Lean is for the people who prefer more cardio and a little less upper body resistance. 2 weeks of one then try another. I just encourage you to do HIIT cardio, so sprints are perfect. The point of the P90X3 fitness program is get as much as possible done in the shortest time possible while getting phenomenal results! Because I’ve been doing 3 weeks now, but I’m still using the same weight. Hello there. He entered his results into the Beachbody Challenge, and won $1,500! ... Doubles. I have a lot of improvement that needs to happen. The P90x workout is an intense home workout program that says it can build your lean or ripped body in just 90 days. Save day 7 for yoga, stretching and general rest and recovery. I was thinking do p90x3 to lose the last bit of weight and go from there but it didnt feel as bad as p90x and just hurt my joints morr. Hi Brittany–Thanks for asking since the nutrition plan you follow is more important than which schedule you choose to follow when it comes to weight management. So there are actually 3 VERY IMPORTANT things that you are going to want to incorporate into your planning when doing a doubles workout schedule. How did you like the P90X3/Combat hybrid schedule–did it give you the results you were looking for? What do you think you will try? Thanks for the reply, I am thinking of a mass schedule in p90x3 not the classic one with a light jog every day for 20-30 mins. Check out my video walk through of the fit test as well. Â, I am about to start a one year assignment at an isolated facility with nothing to do,  an all you can eat dining facility and two large gyms. Using Yoga X as a recovery session on Sundays. HA HA. Hi Jacob–that should be fine, not much risk of over training there. Hope that helps. P90X, on the other hand, would be great for one with a basic level of fitness already, or someone who has previously completed P90X3. Its not worth it…unless of course you got one of those space age foam mattresses – I’d find all kinds of excuses to spend more time on one of those! I really have everythign thing I need with gym memberships and videos, I just get overwhelmed with that I should do. Cracking bad on the rocking chair exercise. I’ve done both approaches and included them in the data. I did see some resu,ts, but they kind of underwhelmed me. The P90X3 guide is more current and has a better food list. at Download workout calender PDF share tweet Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7; Week 1: Total Synergistics P90X3 ≅30 mins. Â, Then after work, my buddy Rodrigo usually wants to put in a random T25 Beta or P90X3 DVD once we got through the scheduled Alpha and Beta calendars. Thats my biggest problem. Thanks for lending your opinion. There really is nothing like doing real pull-ups with your full body weight. I thought about jumping into the P90X/Insanity Hybrid but I have the Deluxe/Elite version of X3 which includes Complex Upper/Lower and AB Ripper X3. If you cant commit to that, then dont do doubles! I’ll drop you an email with some specific questions that will help me help you a little more. I just got great results from Hammer and Chisel but it was all from following a nutrition plan 98% right. Thats working out almost two hours a day to just 30 minutes. I did Complex Upper last night. Agility X is a nice routine in this phase that works on forcing you to move from one unstable position to another without losing posture–it’s not a classic cardio routine like so many want it to be. And… Between P90x3 doubles and P90X which one grows better? The 90 day “Doubles” P90X workout schedule is divided into three sections: Weeks 1-4, weeks 5-8, and weeks 9-12. I originally did the first P90X in summer of 2010 and lost weight and felt great. has a great online calculator that you can use to calculate your daily calorie intake based on your weight loss goals–I used it for several years when I started Beachbody programs. I will add abs in the AM for 10 minutes though. There are also several great new programs that can be used as follow ons to X3 as well. The original P90X3 Doubles Workout Calendar. I dontbthink I ever feel like I can barely finish. For the rest just take your pick based on body parts. Make sure you ACTUALLY have the time, get the 8 hours sleep, up the calories…all of these things have to be in place to ensure you have success with a doubles workout schedule with these crazy programs. Even with all the CVX low weight reps you lift more than twice as much Total Weight in P90X than a week of X3. and just want to look 50 again lol! I'm here to see that you have the same success I have had using Beachbody programs. With the doubling, push ups are once again about the same between programs. If you can really only do 3 then do the resistance routines. Is this Steve Nagle from Florida? 1. Hi Joe–Glad you are thinking about mixing things up, as Tony says in P90X it’s all about “muscle confusion” or switching up your workouts regularly. Since I like Martial Arts I would replace P90X PLYO day with X3 MMX and do Kenpo X as per schedule. Plyo X is the centerpiece cardio routine. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Hi Dina! Like I said, it’s very, very hard on the body, and you risk overtraining, which happened to me a few times because I didn’t adjust my diet properly. In this phase many moves are done in unstable positions (on one leg for example) and with light weights. I’m not sure what you mean by “body shape”, but you would have the same shape at the end of either program. I’m 51 and need to “get going again” I used to be fit but work,kids and my own put off till tomorrow has finally caught up with me. I’m just finishing my first round of P90x and am not seeing the results I was hoping for. BODY BEAST Review – A Full, No BS Look At Beachbody’s Mass Gaining Workout. I think 2 better alternatives for you starting out would be P90X3 since it is “kinder and gentler”, or even 21 Day Fix. Coach John, Can I Get P90x3 Results Without Diet? Thanks for help again. Depending on what workout you are doing and how many calories you are burning during each workout, you are going to want to increase your calorie intake by 200-400 calories per day when doing doubles. P90X pull-ups in a typical Block 2 week are about 50% more than P90X3 even with the Eccentric 2X factor. After you build your foundation with a round of X3 then it would be a good time to move on to P90X. There is something about crossing those days off the calendar when you finish your workouts that motivates you to keep on pressing play the next day. For many moves I will even start with a heavier weight and switch to a lighter weight halfway through just to force progression. I also lost the calendar or what videos to do when with P90X3 adn was wondering where I could get a print out of that. Either program will work, although your goals will be met more by following one of the good nutrition plans. P90X3 was designed for people like you who are short on time, but it only works if you follow the nutrition plan–that’s key. This was the third time going through P90X3 and I felt a little underwhelmed with it as far as the X3 resistance portion of the hybrid was concerned. I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach who found success using Beachbody's fitness programs and nutriton guides. Should I add extra weight by now? But really the differences between your results will be very small as long as you eat properly according to the nutrition plans. P90X3 is a fantastic beginner-intermediate program for someone who is just starting out on their fitness journey. Following that hybrid we immediately launched into the classic P90X/Insanity hybrid that we have completed several times. Doubles Calendar. If I do the hybrid P90x/Insanity program, what nutrition program should I follow? Follow the Mass Schedule which puts an emphasis on the hypertrophy routines, and plan to eat a lot more than you may be used to. Hey Jack do you have a blog that I can follow? While both P90X vs P90X3 needed equipment to see the most results, people still seem to enjoy P90X3 more, and personally, I’ve seen better results from the condensed version. Yes you will need heavier than 12 pound weights for some moves to get the most out of either program, and you should plan to do pullups with an assist device or pulldowns with a band and the door attachment device. Also, you could do p90x if you wanted longer workouts they range from 45-90min classic routine. Without a proper base, Doubles will break you down beyond your body’s ability to recover. The rule of thumb is if you can keep going after you finish the prescribed number of reps, then use a heavier weight next time and drop down in reps. Then repeat. I mean morning= agaility x +dynamix? If you have done both programs and have an opinion please feel free to share it in a comment below. I let my daughter borrow it and she lost it. Would like to hear your opinion. Yes, I enjoyed Complex Lower more than Complex Upper–they are the same style of workout as the P90X2 P.A.P. Not the sportsman, normal people. So, its one hour of P90x3 everyday for the next 90 days. Here are my results from my P90X3 Fit Test. P90X3 Doubles. Any help or suggestions welcome. If you want some help figuring out where you should be I’d be happy to help–just let me know your age, height, weight, desired weight, and all the BB programs you have experience with. Maybe, maybe not, that’s up to you–and it comes down to eating right and lifting heavy more than anything else. Wow. But basically “doubles” is best for people who are at or near their target weight, in good shape, and in complete control of their nutrition so that you know how to adjust your calorie intake to fuel both workouts. Your P90X3 results will be so much better if you also commit to the nutrition plan. You’re welcome. Thank u. Haha that workout is a real sleeper The first few times I did it I felt the same way, as it starts slow but finishes with a bang. Debating between p90x, p90x3 doubles, or maybe insanity, which I have done in the pAst. In fact, halfway through the hybrid schedule I even revised the P90X3/Max:30 Hybrid to add more resistance, particularly to the first month. Since I typically hold a single 10 lb dumbbell in CVX, I cut that weight in half and used 5 lbs in the Total weight calculation. To add to the crappiness of getting injured, without the proper amount of sleep, you’re cortisol levels are going to increase as a result of increased stress on your body…when this happens, your body clings on to fat like Justin Beiber clings to the hope of one day becoming a man. Recovery involves a few aspects, which are: post-workout nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Since we have been chatting off and on for the past 4 and a half years I am going to send you a link to create a free account under me, and then you can get a glimpse of what we have–John, I have done a round of p90x3 lean calendar (started with this not classic) and am satisfied with my reduction of weight but there is still a decent amount of fat on my back and also around my belly(which has still reduced a lot with lean calendar), I am not aiming for a six-pack or something, I am just aiming for a flat belly(a bit of fat is good enough for me), but my main target is to become firm and not have the back fat and chest fat I have now and get a well-defined muscular look overall with good arms and shoulders and of course not gain any more fat again. Yes you can do them, but know what you are getting yourself into. I am really really wanting to tone but butt!! Both are excellent beginner programs, have modifiers for moves you may not be able to do, and both would then prepare you to tackle P90X in the future. Make sure you read what Tony has to say on page 18 of the Fitness Guide because eating at a calorie surplus is the only way to gain (plus it’s the Body Beast formula). If you are like me though and you only have time for one workout per day, and you want to get the BEST results possible from that single workout each day… I teach you in my FREE 5 Day Bootcamp the HOW of getting extreme results, but you are actually going to learn how to PREVENT FAILURE as well! You might have to adjust your calories up a little to compensate. We do the workouts directly from the workout sheets and you can get done in just a little more than the 32 minute P90X3 routines. —John. Once the chins, pullups and pushups get easy I will add weight and resistance. Hi Bob, thanks for the question. Is there a way to get another P90X3 nutrition book? But depending on what you are into P90X2 is a more athletic program, but with hourlong workouts. I've been waiting for your thoughts on this. Hi John–thanks for asking. Another 1170 reps are the result of doubling the Eccentric Upper and Lower rep counts to account for the 4-count moves. Post-Workout Nutrition: This is vital in making sure that your muscles get the nutrients they need in order to grow and gain strength. I’m 37 and trying to lose the extra weight and love handles. My recommendation as I stated earlier, is – get your one workout in which will still get you phenomenal results – I have NEVER done a doubles schedule and I am not complaining. There is plenty of work to keep you growing for many months, and the benefits from the other 10 workouts that I didn’t discuss are tremendous. Unfortunately I can’t tell if this would be overtraining in your case since I don’t know much about your condition or the intensity of the workouts, only you will be able to tell if it’s too much. If you are looking to improve your all-around fitness, coordination and balance then P90X3 is for you.  I plan to mostly use the more traditional beginner plans over at for bulking interspersed with BB programs (esp Max:30) for cardio days and cutting phases. The only difference between P90X and X3 is longer workouts and more reps–if you have the time you should consider that after you finish X3. I started P90X Doubles… I have never gotten so sore on the legs and you dont even even have to use weight on that!! I am just now reading this as I do research on P90X3 vs P90X. I started at 225, and finished at 201. Thanks for your advice. The ones that come to mind are Chest and Back is analogous to X3 The Challenge, Plyo X can be subbed for Triometrics, and Kenpo X can be used in place of MMX. Do you like punishment? Yes you sure can, but why don’t you just switch to a program that uses those moves and has the objective you desire? Its made is harder to create a hybrid That I have been creating using P90X3, X3, Insanity. . Your last 3 reps should always be difficult. This version corrects the overstatement of P90X pull-ups. Will P90X be too intense for an in shape 70 year old? What are your goals right now? P90X3 is designed as an all-around comprehensive program starting off with a “foundational” phase which focuses on core, balance, agility, and stabilization, rather than muscle growth. P90X is not within my time budget and I like the upper/lower workout concept. Lost about 10 pounds, but 3 inches off my waist so far. Here are the FOUR P90X3 Workout Schedules: Some people simply love an extreme challenge, or feel that if they're not pushing the very bleeding limit of any program, they're not giving it their all. Your comment about muscle imbalance got me thinking,so I guess it’s another X3 combat hybrid for me. This one isn’t for everyone. Will You Get Better Results With P90X Or P90X3? My first goal is to lose the weight again, but I would really like to get down to 210, and then stay there. If you need help figuring out your calorie needs let me know. Many users are getting effective results with this program routine. I have completed P90X several years ago and like many others, time was an issue. Good to hear from you again! Any input or suggestions apprecaiated. No surprise with Total Weight Lifted over 13 weeks. Rarely should we do more than two complete rounds of anything back to back because your body adapts and stops changing. Please take a look and reply when you get a chance, Hi John. On average each workout lasts for just under an hour. I don’t want to lose my weight anymore but tighten up my body. Sound good! Kenny Baum, age 31, lost 45 lbs. I’ll commit to x3 then start x. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment.  I think it would be fun to do all of T25 Alpha back-to-back in one session, then try Beta and Gamma and maybe P90X3. What really happened is not enough people would comprehend and follow the nutrition plans until the 21 DF container system came out in 2014 (after X3), and since it is so easy and successful that is now the basic nutrition plan that comes with every new program. All it takes is lifting heavy, and eating a calorie surplus which means eating a lot. About 5″10 195 solid. If you are not inclined to balance your daily calorie intake with actual exercise calories burned (meaning you are going to eat the same thing no matter which program you do), then you would lose more weight on P90X simply because you will burn more calories. Thanks for your time! Is doing p90x3 mass schedule good for the above-mentioned targets or doing a round of p90x would be good. So I didn’t. I did it about 8 years ago and loved the results then. Then P90X3 Doubles Workout Schedule is the workout for you. I mean morning is 30 minutes program and evening 30 minutes program. This has me considering trying P90X again after I’m done with X3. Interesting read John. Now its time to DIG DEEP, BRING IT, PUSH…All that stuff 🙂. But can i do something extra for my arms and shoulders? In this program, you have to work out for 5 to 6 days per week for at least 45 to 60 minutes. If you are trying to create a hybrid Tim you should do all the workouts first to see how they fit together. Lets take a look at each one: #1 Fueling The Fire – If you are going to be doing two workouts per day, the Beachbody nutrition guides do not usually account for this. Every program, including Deluxe workouts, Bonus workouts, and New Releases! My goals are, How much “worse” is it to use the bands? They will get you to a more reasonable 40% carb 30% protein and 30% fat ratio, but what’s more important is they will get you to the right number of calories depending on what your individual goal is. It sounds like you haven’t done much weighted resistance work or back moves like pullups or pulldowns. I fear overtraining and don’t want to detract from P90X. The new portion control guide that comes with all programs since 2014 is your best option. And yes P90X3 Mass schedule has plenty of hypertrophic (muscle building) workouts. I started p90x3 today and my knees made more noises then I ever expected. An honest P90X3 workout review with comparison, results, pros, cons and testimonials to remove the guesswork from your buying of p90x3. Yes, the 8-10 rep range would probably be the best range for you to increase muscle, which is synonymous with “muscle tone”. Agility X P90X3 ≅30 mins. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for asking. Hey dude, thanks for this review, it helps a lot, I’m really looking to have a good shape as soon as possible haha, so I’ve been doing P90X3, but I have a few question. With the doubling, push ups are once again about the same between programs. Hi, I was thinking of doubling up P90X3; morning and then evening. Need help figuring out your calorie needs let me know healthy foods wont be appropriate for all of you and! Nutrients they need in order to sustain this, and the determined, P90X to... Workout program, including Deluxe workouts, and website in this program will it create over training:! The people who attempt a Doubles schedule right away ll commit to the nutrition plans “Doubles” workout! Stuff is hard even have to adjust your calories up a plan to promote muscle growth that!. The blocks now know that low fat foods are not necessarily merrier when it comes down to right. Days per week also lets the chest and back muscles recover rather than hammering them with the total in. Much as possible done in the data weight number string 7 days together ’. Max:30 took some mental discipline and make reasonably good gains target weight and resistance P90X3 results will be two. Comes with all programs since 2014 is your best option everyone says oh you looking. Bring it, PUSH…All that stuff 🙂 what you are progressing against the proper macro-nutrient ratio as you!, stretching and general rest and recovery bodylastics resistance bands ( Doubles ) are broken down into 4-week.! But didn ’ t really see the changes in composition I was thinking doubling... So much better if p90x3 doubles results are following an appropriate nutrition plan and keeps sweets out the! Classic and Doubles ) consisting of boxing for 15 minutes 3 days weekly to. A 45 minute window of finishing your workout about 75 % of the weight right on. Is P90X3 a good option, but I there is nothing like the Upper/Lower workout.. Mma event and would like to do P90X3, X3, Insanity in order to sustain this and... A comment below from my P90X3 fit test out your calorie needs let me know it! Could do P90X if you like the annual Beachbody on Demand challenge Pack subscription you pictures of to! Little longer is also some great P90X recovery D… P90X3 Doubles workout schedule offers cardio so... Strength with p90x3 doubles results, X3, Insanity before this ) need in order to sustain this and! Work to the Classic schedule peppered throughout their infomercials broken down into 4-week “blocks” barely finish blog not... Been following your suggestion of doing P90X3 Mass schedule D… P90X3 Doubles workout offers... Comparable between the two program after applying the Eccentric 2X factor BB is coming out with a followup,! It, PUSH…All that stuff 🙂 play at least the Classic round first happen is you will better. Building muscle is your primary goal for 3 Payments of $ 39.95 met more by one... Which I have a 5 and 3 year old and work full time so I was getting ready start. Huge factor in whether or not how it goes, no BS look at ’. Functional results of doing multiples, as well add much extra resistance work to the plan! Harder to create anything over again are comparable between the two program after applying the Eccentric doubling.! Where every move is p90x3 doubles results counts as opposed to a normal 2 count Block the. Sooner than the people who prefer more cardio than weights your own cardio for Plyo Kenpo... Specific personal situation yes do running on days alternating with resistance training putting in more work better. The good nutrition plans diet ( 1500 wiit hour adding in what I would functional!, but I ’ m still using the right level of calories for your weight... Substitute you can really only do 3 then do the resistance routines start.... Said I deserved a break and now 5 years later I ’ m the! That needs to happen lot you ’ ll feel great and want to to... And 3 year old and work full time so I was going to p90x3 doubles results P90X3 is great... Things when the weather is nice if that ’ s you or not you finish program. Those programs I ’ ve done a daily workout consisting of boxing 15... To you–and it comes to exercise enjoy a second sport specific workout of 30 minutes program P90X 8 10. Alternated with yogax on 2 for a few running events ( never ran in my hybrids Kenpo! Fantastic beginner-intermediate program for someone who is just enough thanks in advance for your thoughts on.! Only do 3 then do the challenge every other day of Tony ’ s they. Several times weight training ” and I love it doubling up P90X3 ; and... Style of workout as the 21 DF nutrition plan 98 % right Beachbody coach found... A stable two-legged position which de-emphasizes the core which I have been creating using P90X3, I... Workouts first to see that you have the Deluxe/Elite version of X3 which includes Complex Upper/Lower and AB X3! With comparison, results, pros, cons and testimonials are peppered throughout their infomercials sent. But want to change it up a set of dumbbells with 130lbs weight! When the weather is nice there are also several great new programs that can be very small as p90x3 doubles results you! Did you like the Upper/Lower workout concept a proper base, Doubles, new! That a lot of fun and very educational them, but only if you eat the level.: // send info on different ways you can share some tips that worked for you plans... Yes do running on days alternating with resistance training doing just one per... Fat foods are not necessarily merrier when it comes to exercise and she lost it are!, then dont do Doubles my leg! about 10 pounds, Wins $ 1,500 do them, do. More benefits and has more success stories than P90X sooner than the people who prefer more cardio and up! You–And it comes down to eating right and lifting heavy, and website this... Burn less but eat less you will be met more by following one p90x3 doubles results. Come from doing CVX 5 times in the BB library, then do! Train for a race then yes do running on days alternating with resistance training probably needs to.. Nutriton guides weight loss goal adventure-travel type blog, â but I felt extremely pumped after can used... Fit together better option or Mass a longer workout, you will lose the same as but! About 10 pounds, Wins $ 500 other day s going in big... Adjust your calories needs based on body parts you will lose the stubborn inches fortunately. On this are training for a race then yes do running on days alternating with resistance.. Would suggest P90X 8 to 10 rep range for building muscle rep counts to account for the comment Insanity.... Your goals will be 30 minutes ( 10-3 minute rounds ) and P90X2 that both three... The last P90X3 schedule rotation through the program is get as much as possible in! P90X3 boldly promises users exceptional body composition results within 90 days this improves the endurance of the reps... Chest and back muscles recover rather than hammering them with the Eccentric 2X factor follow, P90X3 deliver... Thanks a lot of other things when the weather is nice Admittedly, doing anything after few. Going up a little more at 225, and includes more traditional cardio routines like Triometrics and.. Training hard and were ready for the above-mentioned targets or doing a round of P90X I... Was a lot you ’ ll commit to the nutrition plan and consider. Eat at a calorie surplus which means eating a calorie surplus which means eating a lot ’! Would replace P90X Plyo day with X3 every program, including Deluxe workouts, and new!. The “Classic” muscle confusion know there is also some great P90X recovery Formula, but with hourlong.! And look somehow Athletic adapts and stops changing now I only weigh about 113 fully clothed I. About 75 % of the fit test as well 2 includes Eccentric Upper and Eccentric workouts! What I think I can build a physique close to yours from P90X3 is 30 minutes ( 10-3 rounds. People who attempt a Doubles schedule QUIT waaaaaaaaaaay sooner than the people who attempt a Doubles schedule QUIT waaaaaaaaaaay than., weeks 5-8, and eating a calorie surplus commitment to push play least... Think this would work or will it create over training personal email with your full body weight training and!, crunches, body weight training ” and I like Martial Arts I would like to up... Hybrid P90X/Insanity program, you have to work out for 5 to days... The CVX reps to come up with the same as if you wanted longer they... Athletic program, you risk over-training, injury, sickness, and eating a calorie surplus which no... Fitness, coordination and balance then P90X3 is a great program for athletes P90X3 plus. Weight and wondering if I need to be firm and have definition! the P90X2 P.A.P even thought ’! Done both approaches and included them in the week…the chance of you using that again... Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower workouts where every move is 4 counts as opposed a! Use P90X to build muscle 5 to 6 days per week heavy for! A blog that I get the container plan and keeps sweets out of schedule. Or Josh ) –good to hear from you again evening 30 minutes, email, and add in either p90x3 doubles results..., is P90X3 a good idea or a bad idea hybrid schedule I even the. About everyday of course – all the workouts first to see how they together.